Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Resolution check-in

22 Goals for 2010

1) Organize our office and basement
2) Go to bed earlier/get up for work on time
3) Create and follow a regular cleaning schedule
4) Sew one item of clothing from scratch
5) Settle into a workout schedule where I work out consistantly (at least) three days a week
6) Run two one 10Ks
7) Purge and create a workable wardrobe
8) Make the kitchen window curtains
9) Stop drinking soda
10) Finish the quilt I've been working on for years
11) Start a monthly dinner potluck club with the girls
12) Get my clothes altered so they fit correctly
13) Find a job in a smaller city
14) Take more photos
15) Eradicate 25% of my debt this year (including student loans)
16) Build up a savings account
17) To keep up with my email inbox so I don't blink and end up with 900 plus email messages
18) To concentrate on work at work, concentrate on home at home
19) Eat better portion sizes, better balanced meals
20) Start eating breakfast
21) Be better organized and on top of things at work
22) Take the time to read a book a month

1) I still have way too much leftover wedding crap in the basement to even attempt to organize it. Anyone have any ideas to get rid of it? Anyone know of anyone wanting to buy party supplies (some used once, some never used)?

2) Umm, yeah. This is still a work in progress. I think it will be for quite awhile.

3) Working on it, and getting better. I also have to adjust it to Bill’s work schedule since I’m infinitely more productive when he’s stuck at work all night.

4) Don’t have a sewing area set up yet.

5) I’m at about 2 days a week which is getting better. There was a work out tape made back in the early 90s with Cindy Crawford that was seriously the best work out ever. You would do it and feel it everywhere the next day and it would actual whip you into great shape if you consistently did it. I actually believe that I hurt more from doing that tape then when I had a personal trainer, it was that good. Then the tape was lost (plus it was a tape and wouldn’t have lasted forever). I have had zero luck finding a copy, it’s not made anymore nor do I believe it was ever released on DVD, and every other tape I’ve tried just really doesn’t cut it for me. The 30 Day Shred I found annoying and boring. Wii fit isn’t enough.

When Kim offered a great deal (all 3 for $24.99 and free shipping) to her Twitter followers I took it, and will try one of the tapes today. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m crossing my finger that this is the elusive at home workout that 1) is hard enough to actually work and 2) isn’t boring/annoying/shrill.

6) One down. Completed the Ukrop’s 10K in Richmond, VA the last week of March in 104 min 36 seconds which works out to about 17 min a mile. Not too shabby since Alaina and I walked it. Our goal for the Turkey Trot in November (5 miles) is to run it. Or at least part of it, and by the Ukrop’s 10K next March to be down to the 10min mile group.

7) I’m a purging maniac. Really, I’m merciless. If I put something on more than 2 times then take it back off because I don’t want to wear it, it’s donated. If I can’t remember the last time I wore it, donated. If I don’t like it anymore, donated. The smaller my wardrobe gets the happier I am because it’s just so simplified and better organized. Also- less laundry.

8) I really, really need to get on this. Our back windows freak me out at night.

9) Le sigh. Nope, not yet.

10) Nothing to report.

11) Completed

12) Completed

13) I think this is something that I’m just not quite ready to do yet for a few reasons. One, my tendency is to wait for Bill to find a job. The fact is, I don’t really care what I do for a living. To me, my job is a way to make money in order to provide the means to do the other stuff I actually want to do. That’s it. It’s a means to an end. What I do has zero to do with what I studied in college, my job is generic enough and I have enough experience that I can find a job anywhere doing something that relates. Also, quite honestly if we moved to an area this was feasible, I’d prefer to only work part time (if I couldn’t find something that was telecommuting at least half time).

On the other hand Bill works in the area he studied. He has concrete ideas of what he would like to do and what would make him happy. If I found a job in an area he couldn’t work in within his current field, he wouldn’t be happy. Not in the end anyway. It just makes more sense to me for him to find something and then me to follow. So my current idea is to only seek out jobs that are fully telecommuting. That way I could work from anywhere and in the meantime I’d be a lot happier. In my field those jobs do exist, I just need to figure out a way to get one or to transition my current job into at least part time telecommuting.

14) You know what’s a huge help to accomplish this? The Iphone and it’s photo apps. Now I literally have a camera on me all the time.

15) As of March I’ve eradicated 6.7% with 25% of the year gone. If I evenly distribute my goal across the year my goal would be 6.25% so I’m running pretty much exactly on schedule to accomplish my 25% goal. My debt pay down method was to start with the account with the lowest balance and work up or the “snowball” method. One thing I did decide that I need to do is to lock up all my credit cards. Having them in my wallet is too tempting. Not too tempting as in spending money I don’t have, I’ve pretty much taken care of that problem, just too tempting to spend in general. The more money I spend the less I can apply to getting rid of the debt and bulking up savings.

16) Made a huge step in March towards this. I’ve been reading a lot of information from the Money person for the Washington Post and she suggests having multiple savings accounts: The Emergency fund and the Life Happens fund. The emergency fund should have a min of 3 months of living expenses while the Life Happens fund has about $1000 for incidentals that pop up such as car repairs. That way you never have to use credit cards. My new goal by the end of the year is to have 3 months in the emergency fund and $1000 in a Life Happens fund. Then I’ll consider a down payment fund.

17) Iphone helps me to stay on top of this a lot better. Whenever I’m in line or waiting, I go in and clean out my email boxes.

18-22) Nothing to report.


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