Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 17

1.  I hate ants.  Unfortunately we live in a duplex built in 1950 that has plenty of nooks and crannies for ants to crawl into so it's a constant battle to keep them out of the cat food dishes.  My latest attempt: moats!

Please ignore my dirty kitchen floor.  The cats create crumbs as fast as I can sweep them up.

2.  I saw this license plate on my way home and as someone who loves cat macros way more than she should I found it hilarious.

3.  When I first started cooking I listened to Bill when he said he hated meat that was frozen and thawed.  I tried to grocery shop accordingly leading to at least 2 trips a week and we would end up paying half of our grocery bill just for the protein products.  I have decided to ignore that lately because it is so much cheaper to wait for a sale on the stuff we eat and then stock up on enough meat to last for a month.  This week I did one of those trips and just look at this receipt!  Keep in mind my final total also included other staples and produce, so we ended up with a month worth of chicken, salmon, pork chops and strip steak for about $60.  We eat meat in pretty much every single dinner, so this is more significant then it may be for people who have husbands who don't mind vegetarian food, or will eat it without then saying they are still hungry.

4.  I'm not sure if you have heard of Shoe Dazzle.  It's a shoe club promoted by Kim Kardashian where you answer a quiz about your style likes and dislikes and every month a group of stylists selects shoes for you.  You get 5 options (and if you don't like those you can select 5 more or pick from a couple generic popular items) and for $39.95 you get a pair of shoes.  Every month.  For those who aren't that huge of shoe fanatics you can opt out that month and pay nothing, either because you don't need a new pair or because you don't like the options.  The thing I generally like about other people picking stuff out for me is that it forces me to look at things I otherwise wouldn't and a lot of times they end out being more flattering then the fuddy duddy stuff I generally gravitate to. (For this reason, if I could afford it I would totally use a personal shopping service)  I guarantee I won't purchase something new every month, or even every few months but it's still fun.  Here's my first pair of shoes:

What do you think?

5.  I've mentioned before that I listen to The Dana Show via podcast and this past week I was listening to an episode that contained what she calls "mailbag of hate."  Normally this is my least favorite segment because she does dramatic readings of her hate letters and a lot of times the voices are really insulting and stereotypical.  However, this week she read a letter by an environmental hippie type that was hil.arious.  Just the wording of the letter is funny:
"Your comments on the oil spill and saying it comes from the earth was so screwed up! You joke that people call you an earth raper but I WILL call you an earth raper for real! You rape earth up the a$@! Paved paradise! God never intended for man to use everything he put on earth, it's like the apple tree and eden! We weren't supposed to eat apples... See More! But we did... and now we are all going to hell. Oil is the forbidden fruit and you are recommitting the sins of Eve by using it. I ride a bicycle! I don't need to use terrorist oil. I put my groceries in the basket on my bicycle and I don't use oil! And I don't clog the streets! Urban?!?!? You can't be urban and drive! Your forbidden fruits caused 9-11! Reap your rewards Earth Raper!!!!"
but the voice she used to read it outloud was even funnier.  I can't even read it without hearing the voice in my head and every time I think about it I start cracking up.  I posted this on my facebook page which led to one person wanting a bumper sticker to put on their car that says "Earth Raper!" and someone else saying that it sounded like a band name.

6.  I believe we are going camping this weekend.  I have mixed feelings about this since I have not camped in a tent since I was about 12.  There are bugs outside and I tend to dislike nature.  In nature's defense, it's due to my allergies and sensitivity to sunlight (I get migraines unless I wear sunglasses any time there is a shred of sun out).  It's also because I like couches, indoor plumbing and tvs.  None of that is nature's fault.

7.  Also on tap for the weekend, Sunday night is our monthly dinner club.  This time I'm hosting it and the theme is Mediterranean so I'm planing to make Chicken Souvlaki with cucumber yogurt sauce.  In my shopping sale extravaganza I realized they had buy 1, get 1 free for party sized hummus so I'm serving that up as well with pita chips.


Angela said...

I love your shoes!!
I'm jealous that you got a month's worth of meat for only about $60. I won't even tell you how much we pay to get that much meat. In fact, we pay a ridiculous amount in general for a month of groceries!

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