Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My own papparrazzi

When I get ready to go somewhere (especially if there's people I've never met before there) I have a bad habit of taking a picture of my outfit to see what it actually looks like on.

I started doing this because of times that I looked in the mirror, thought I looked fine and then pics popped up later of the event and my outfit was terrible. Awful. This is an attempt to stop these unhappy surprises... however, all it serves to do is make me neurotic.

I'm not photogenic. I ALWAYS look worse in pictures then I do in real life so much so that more than a few people have met me and immediately said "wow you don't look like your pictures at all." Most of the time they will expand on that and say later (when they are more comfortable) that they thought I was fatter, uglier, taller, completely different facial features, etc. I only mention this to put all this in perspective for you... I check to see if my outfit looks alright by relying on a method that rarely ever works out in my favor. Follow that logic.

I blame Facebook.

If so many pictures didn't exist of me wearing terrible outfits in the (sort of) public domain I wouldn't care so much. I can honestly say that pre-facebook Kim would laugh at post-facebook Kim taking pictures and changing outfits 2000 times before leaving the house. She'd tell her that Kim is being a neurotic nincompoop and then Kim would say now I understand why so many celebrities are anorexic or addicted to plastic surgery.

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to have a bad outfit, fat day, or bad hair day displayed on every newsstand, grocery store aisle and website. Ugh.


Angela said...

There are so many awful pictures on facebook that when I think about it, I want to cry.
I think taking pictures of yourself before you go out isn't a bad idea, provided it doesn't take you hours to do so! :)

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