Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer=Company Picnics

You know what is not fun? Company picnics in 98 degree weather. This was not "feels like 98" this was actually 98 in a humid/always feels hotter than that area. It was like torture.

Due to the beauty of volunteer roaming photographers we can now remember this wonderful time through 4 super flattering pictures.

Hi there, back of Kim.  How is it possible that I never think I look this fat, ever?  Also, when I asked Bill before we left "does this outfit look okay" I clearly should not have listened to his yes.  Last, when will I remember that when wearing racerback shirts one must wear a racerback bra or your bra strap will constantly show which is incredibly classy.

Most of the time I don't really think of Bill as a big guy... then I see pictures like this.  You can see me on the right corner to do a comparison.  Keep in mind that I am not a particularly short/small girl.  Notice the VT hat on a guy from Georgia.  The brainwashing is complete! *evil laugh*

This pic isn't so bad I guess other than the fact that I look hot, my shirts are constantly slightly off center and oh yeah, the omni present bra strap.
Bill's thinking "dude I'm too hot for this sh*t", I'm just thankful that this isn't the worst picture ever taken of the two of us.  Soon after this picture was taken he changed into the blue shirt he's wearing in the above picture.  If that doesn't illustrate how hot it was- requiring two separate shirts to make it through 3 hours of picnic time, nothing will.

Oh except maybe this.... we left 20 minutes before the free BBQ dinner because we couldn't take it anymore.  Plus we were so hot we had zero desire to eat.  BBQ.  Free.  Ribs and Chicken.  *SIGH*

We have one more company picnic to get through this summer, here's hoping it's not quite so hot!


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