Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Quick Takes, July 4th edition

1. My husband and I had one of those days where he came home after I went to sleep and left before I woke up. So essentially I haven't seen him in two days. Thank goodness for Iphones and Facebook chat, right? The only proof he had been around was some weary half asleep moments of convo and his signature on our lease addendum that our landlord didn't mail to us until after the new lease year actually started. That one fact pretty much sums up our landlord.

2) One of those sleep hazed convos went something like this:

Him: "I need somewhere other than the floor to put my glasses at night."

Me: "Did you step on them again?"

So when I got up I broke out the measuring tape to see how to rearrange our room allowing for a nightstand. Our room is awkward, not very large with 3 windows that are awkwardly placed (and not even evenly spaced). Due to the windows there's really only one place we can put the bed and due to the fact that we have very very little closet space we also cram 3 dressers in there. None of them match. My issue is that once I get started on a "project" I can't just slightly do it. Now I want new bedding, new furniture, new layouts, new everything. I am trying to contain myself because extra money is not growing on trees.

3) Our 4th of July unexpectedly changed last night at about 10pm. Everyone should know by now how little I like my schedules being changed, so needless to say I'm minorly cranky about it. Not because I necessarily thought the planned idea was the most fun thing to do but because I already wrote it in my planner. In ink. Scratched out words are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Seriously. I habitually will rewrite an entire paper/list/whatever just because I messed up one word, don't like to scratch things out and can't find any whiteout. My neurosis is mesmerizing isn't it?

4) The other reason I am annoyed is because I kind of wanted to throw a 4th of July party with themed food and decorations. It's the best excuse ever to go obscenely tacky! Now it's too late because everyone has plans. Next year, though, we're on.

5) My in-laws moved to South Padre Island, TX approximately 3 months ago. The first hurricane of the season headed in their direction. What luck! I can't go out for a visit until Christmas so here's hoping that the oil stays away from their beaches and no hurricanes destroy it before then.

6) I realized that we have never changed the filter in our A/C unit. We've been there a year and I'd bet that our landlord never thought to do it before then. I looked up instructions and never realized that it was so easy. I'll head out to look for an allergen reducing one this weekend.

7) Have a happy 3 day weekend everyone! Use sunscreen, designated drivers and don't play with fireworks after consuming more than three drinks!


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