Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes, last of July

1. Woot! My student loan interest was reduced. I have a feeling the "oppressive socialist government" is to blame for this. Thank you socialists! I love you!

2. It's about to be reduced even more because starting in the fall I'll be enrolled back in school more than half time. Here's the story of my school journey (in powerpoint form in homage to business degree):

Click to make it larger.

3. This is quite possibly the most amusing (and true!) thing I've ever read.

...But a few times a year, I spontaneously decide that I'm ready to be a real adult. I don't know why I decide this; it always ends terribly for me. But I do it anyway. I sit myself down and tell myself how I'm going to start cleaning the house every day and paying my bills on time and replying to emails before my inbox reaches quadruple digits. Schedules are drafted. Day-planners are purchased. I stock up on fancy food because I'm also planning on morphing into a master chef and actually cooking instead of just eating nachos for dinner every night. I prepare for my new life as an adult like some people prepare for the apocalypse.
Click the link.  You want to click it, trust me.  My favorite line is "...leaving me almost completely useless for anything other than consuming nachos and surfing the internet like an attention-deficient squirrel on PCP. "  The picture with it is priceless.  It's me!  The picture even has blonde hair.

4. I am moving to a new work schedule next week.  Suffice it to say, I've been a bit overwhelmed and my hopes are that this will help that out a bit.  However, shifting schedules around is always difficult so pray for anyone seeing me next week since I'm sure to be cranky.

5. My lightbulb went out in one of my office lamps this morning and I discovered that I did not have any more in my supply drawer so I've had to use my overhead lights.  If I had any doubt that overhead lights DO give me headaches, they are now squashed because I have a headache.  Stupid flourescents!

6. I am going to try out Bikram (aka hot) yoga this Saturday.  Pray for me on that one.  Hope I don't die!

7. I honestly am at a loss to fill 7 slots today.  Sorry, I'm apparently boring.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Mine will (hopefully) consist of movie rentals, a couch and not much else. 


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