Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dropped out!

I am a Weight Watchers drop out. Did I mention that earlier? I may have, I don't really remember. Since dropping out in May, I've been plodding along with my habits gaining and losing the same 5 lbs that I did while in the program and then... I started Pilates.

This is not a wow! after one class I had abs! story because let's face it, I would need about a year of 5 times a week Pilates to give me abs PLUS a ton of cardio. This is a my goodness all the extra weight around my waist is beyond uncomfortable while crunching up into pilates positions story. Also- staring at yourself in a mirror for 50 minutes isn't pleasant either. Every fat bulge starts to look larger and larger. Add to that the recent pictures of me at the picnic and you end up with my going- my lord, I'm fat*, this really needs to be taken care of. Some may say, this was the rock bottom of my food addiction.

Enter my current program. I keep a food journal. I literally write down every single morsel that crosses my lips. I don't eat sugar, I don't eat processed foods. I cut out soda cold turkey. All soda (diet is bad for you). I am drinking water, I am eating veggies. I'm taking the one a day metabolism booster vitamin. If I crave something sweet, I eat fruit.  Now, I am always hungry. I do not take this fact to mean that I am being overzealous about this and can never maintain it, I'm not. I think the "you'll never feel hungry" is one of the biggest lies these "I'm going to be nice and easy for you" programs do. You are retraining your body. Of course you are going to think you are hungry. You aren't. It's because your body is used to constant snacking and large portion sizes so you are being lied to by your brain. Usually drinking some water and/or eating a 0 calorie snack will do the trick.

Throw out all the gimmicks, points, Smart Ones meals, fake sugar free diet food crap, weight loss pills. Stop paying people to tell you what to do. It's not the way to go about it. Losing weight is simple- you put in less calories then you use. A deficit of approx. 500 calories a day will make you lose 1 lb a week. A deficit of 1000 calories a day will make you lose 2 lbs a week. That is well within healthy range.

Figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is how many calories you burn on a given day based on a formula that uses your height, weight, age and gender. (

Then you account for your activity level.

The number you end up with is the number of calories you would eat if you wanted to remain the exact weight you are at the moment. Follow the above guideline for weight loss. If you hate to exercise, technically you can just subtract out the calories and eat less but keep in mind that it's unhealthy to drop below 1200 a day for women (plus it may lead to weight gain since your body will go into starvation mode clinging to it's own fat stores for survival). A much easier way is to try to hit that 500 or 1000 calories is through a combination of exercise and cutting food. Here's a great calorie calculator for pretty much any exercise you can think of ( And here's a database to look up the calorie amounts in foods/drinks (

If you are someone with a faster or slower metabolism then the norm, this will become obvious after a few weeks. Either you gain weight or you lose too fast. You can adjust the numbers accordingly until you find the trigger point.

See how I know all this, but yet just didn't care? That's laziness defined right there.

I WILL lose 30 lbs. This isn't a "I'm going to try to" it's a I WILL. I'm done with the excuses. I'm done with being asked constantly if I'm pregnant. I'm done with hating the way I look in clothes because I'm lumpy. I'm done with feeling uncomfortable when I exercise due to the extra weight. I'm just done.

My starting weight was 160lbs. My goal is 130lbs. But even more, my goal is to fit into clothes better, to slim down my face, to firm up my arms and for my thighs to not rub against each other anymore.

The way I'm going about this is:
  • My BMR is 1665 calories a day. I am trying to lose 2 lbs a week so I would hit my weight goal by mid October (just in time for Halloween costumes!). I need a deficit of 7000 calories a week (or 1000 a day).
  • I have a journal in which I write down everything I eat and everything I do. 20 minutes of housework? Goes in the activity log. Everything counts, no matter how small. Writing down everything you eat makes you pause and second guess what you are eating. Yes, it's a pain but I point out to myself that I won't do it forever. It's about retraining my body to be able to make healthy choices for itself.
  • I am trying to drink water constantly. At work I have a 24 oz bottle that I refill and leave on my desk. I find having it there makes me subconsciously drink more water then I ever thought I would. At home, I try to get up and drink a glass of water every hour. Not a large glass, just 8oz. Sometimes when we think we're hungry, we're just thirsty. This combats that. Plus, it makes you feel full.
  • I hate salad. Really, I hate lettuce. Weird- right? So I will never be someone that eats a salad for dinner and that's it. Instead we are eating from Cooking Light's recipes. They put all the recipes from each issue on line and they are tasty. I am trying to cut out as much eating out as possible (our household has a fast food/Chipotle addiction) and I refuse to eat extra and tell myself I'll work out later. I never do. It's just another lie I tell to myself. I work out first and THEN eat something extra. Everything that isn't processed or sugar is allowed, I didn't cut out carbs or bread or anything like that. Those are gimmicky and completely unsustainable. The key is moderation and going for the healthier options. Homemade is better than processed. Fruit and veggies is better than chips and french fries. Water/juice/milk is better than soda. Common sense really.
  • I hate the gym, so I will never be a gym rat. I hate everything about the gym; the time it takes out of my day, having a plan in my head and then not being able to do it because someone else is on the machine, the culture, the smell, the temperature they keep it, the guys who stare inappropriately at you, the monotony of being on a machine. I hate it all. My plan instead is to sign up for things like my Pilates workshop, some dance classes in the fall, maybe a Yoga package, continuing to do 5/10Ks which force me to prepare for them, Sunday morning walks with Alaina. Things that are fun, I look forward to, with concrete goals and end points.

I'll let you know how it goes.

*Please bear in mind that fat means different things to every one. To some of you I may appear thin, or completely fine. I am also not saying that because I view myself as fat I think anyone who is larger than me is obese. I think an overall goal is just to be comfortable in our own skin. To have bodies that are proportional, that we feel healthy with and that does not equal a specific number or weight across the board. It's different for everyone.


Anonymous said...

does this mean no WW in the fall?

Kim said...

Depends- if I lose the weight using journaling I wouldn't need to. If I don't do any better than the 5lbs I did in WW before then I'll try out the points again.

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