Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's getting hot in here...

Man, am I ever tired of this heat.  Normally the DC area only gets really bad in August but for some reason this year we've been hovering around 100 since early June and every time we think we're getting a break the temps shoot back up.  It's like the heat version of our extreme snow winter.  DC weather fail.

Reasons I hate the heat:

1) I went running outside and had a brief moment of panic thinking I was going to pass out and no one would know.  Then I'd die and mutant creatures from the nasty Potomac River would eat my face off.  Then realized, hey! this weather is probably the perfect moment to try hot yoga since my two options are to run outside in 105 degree weather where I can only get water when I pass my car or to do yoga in a 105 degree room where there are witnesses if I pass out and die and I can drink as much water as I want.  Within those perimeters the choice seems clear.

2) I can only wear each article of clothing once before washing it because of the sheer amount of sweat I'm producing.  I do not blame my deodorant, there is only so much it can do before crying uncle.  This fact is tripling my laundry load.

3) Our office building A/C was lowered even more than normal meaning that in order to stay warm even with my space heater and pashima I have to wear a certain amount of clothing.  That amount of clothing when going outside for even 5 minutes is unbearable.  Plus the shock to the system of freezing, HOT, freezing, HOT is giving me constant mini colds.  Not cool.

4) Our house A/C sucks under normal conditions and REALLY cannot keep up with these temps.  This means that the upstairs of our house (where the bedroom is) can only be kept cool if we set the temp to about 40 which will then freeze my BIL who is currently sleeping in the basement and anyone who may venture to the main floor.  Not to mention, the ridiculous electric costs keeping it this cool would create.  It's just not feasible.  Thus...

5) I woke up this morning and was completely swollen.  I think I had been swelling little by little as the temperature raises and my ring finger was actually discolored and going numb.  I had to coat my finger in soap and keep it under running water to finally wretch my rings off.  Then my finger was revealed to look like this:

Pictures don't really do the grossness justice, I have raised welts all the way around as well as a bunch of bumps and patches of rough skin.

Now, I'm really not too sure what caused this.  Maybe it's the irritation caused as my finger swelled.  Maybe I should remember to take off my rings once in awhile since I do everything with them on including swim, do dishes, shower, cut meat, etc. 

Needless to say, I won't be wearing them for awhile- not that I could get them back on anyway due to the aforementioned swelling of my extremities. 


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