Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Open Letter to Urban Outfitters

I like your clothes, I like your furnishings. I have spent days upon days on your site and browsing through your store but now? I will not do so anymore. Why you ask?

Because of this:

This shirt should never have been made. It promotes an all too common idea that women are not supposed to eat and are supposed to be as thin as possible. However, what's even worse is the model you chose to put it on. The image that projects is that the girl shown, who is a size 0 after eating a couple burritos from Chipotle, needs to eat less. What does that say to the millions of healthy women out there who do not look like that? Who have real thighs and breasts? Who don't look like they are about to fall over in need of a hamburger?

Oh, my bad. That's not popular. Anorexia is much better. I love weakening my heart, losing bone density and ending up in a hospital being force fed via tube. It's tres chic.

From the women of America- F- you Urban Outfitters.

Double middle fingers up, no love,



Angela said...

I saw this shirt a while back, and it still makes me angry when I see it. What an awful message to send out to women, or even men!
I'm with you on the double middle fingers up and no love bit.

deiala said...

This outfit leaves me breathless, because I'd rather say to the girl: Eat MORE! Sometimes it's just hard to imagine other people's thoughts, e.g. those of the person who designed that t-shirt...

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