Monday, August 2, 2010

They have towel service!!!

Alaina and I have this problem. We have a bad habit of looking at "high-end" stuff (even though we know better) and then it completely destroys everything under it in our minds.

For example, we found a neighborhood that we thought was cute so we went into the sales office to see the prices. While we knew they would be high we never expected exactly what the interiors were... nor what the resultant price tag would be. Now, to expect us to be able to ever go into a normal townhouse and think it's cool would be nearly impossible. However, if we had just not gone in we could have lived in a state of blissful oblivion.

This past weekend, we went to check out a gym. Not just any gym but this gym. You should know that we are currently members of Bally Total Fitness; not because we really want to be, but because they send us cheap "renewal" offers. Since we fulfilled our original soul sucking contract entered into 6 years ago, we get yearly offers that breaks out to about $10 a month which is way cheaper than any other gym or class or anything else you could sign up for.

It's like the buy one get one free paradox. Yes, you would get something for free but if you didn't actually need the first item in the first place, buying it is actually costing you the price you didn't plan for. No one thinks of that in the moment though, you just get dazzled by the word free and nearly subconsciously the debit card falls out of your wallet and you are headed home with two of "such a fabulous deal!!"

Yes, $10 a month is a great deal! Except that Ballys sucks so hard that I never go. You can never find machines, their locker rooms are icky, half their machines are constantly broken in some way, the temperature of the place is always wonky, their receptionists are snotty, their Personal Trainers are unprofessional and their classes.... oh their classes! You have to sign in at least a half hour ahead of time, still the classes are overcrowded, they keep cutting down the times they are offered making them even more crowded, and anything that you want to take? Pilates? Zumba? You pay extra. AND they let non members come in for them (they just have to pay a bit more than you)

At one of the Ballys locations here, the line for Zumba actually goes up the stairs and out the door. If you aren't there at least an hour ahead, you'll never get in. To add insult to injury, non members will get in but you won't because your monthly fee means nothing to them. Seriously.

/rant over

This is going somewhere, I promise.

So, Alaina and I decided that we should start lap swimming. One, it's fun. Two, it seems like a great activity in the hottest summer of recent memory. Three, it burns like 3-4 times the calories as walking and jogging. One of the Ballys locations has a lap pool. We could use it for free since we're already members. However, there was this other gym and they have a cool looking pool! The plan was made to check out new gym then compare it to Ballys pool and then decide.

Bad plan.


We should have seen it from a mile away. This plan should have been stopped as soon as it was hatched.

Once we walked in the -beautiful, clean, wide open, new equipment, 3 floors, towel service, salt water lap pool- gym we were never going to leave. Ballys didn't stand a chance.

ETA: if you are wondering why I am so enamored with towel service- before my wedding I got a personal trainer from Ballys in an attempt to lose weight.  I did not lose any weight, nor inches, however I did learn that when working out at a time that requires showering afterwards (or, swimming) you have nothing to do with a damp towel.  I would lay it out on the surface of my hatchback trunk so it could get sun and dry though stuck in my car.  I ended up having to drive around in a musty smelling car for 3 months.  To not lose any weight.  Did I mention that part?


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