Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

  • Va Tech finally pulled out their first win of the season.  I chose to think that the season just started, that way I can fully ignore the embarrasing loss to a I-AA school just a week ago.  Egads!
  • The first half still looked rough, but the defense got two interceptions in the 2nd half and held the Pirates to just 80 yards and 3 points.  That's looking up!
  • I have a friend who is obsessed with Pirates.  I'm shocked she didn't go to ECU purely for the mascot.
  • We had a gathering of people on Saturday.  It can't really be counted as a party because it wasn't really one.  But it was nice to sit around and chat nonetheless.
  • Bill and I went out on a date Friday night.  We went to a nice restaurant and even dressed up!  It's fun to do that once in awhile.
  • I am battling a wicked cold right now.  Colds are pesky because you feel like a huge baby for complaining about them, but they are still bothersome. 
  • In related news, my throat hurts.


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