Monday, November 15, 2010

In which I climb on my soapbox...

I subscribe to the Fairfax County Crime News Alerts on my RSS feed. This is partly because I'm nosey, partly because I'm paranoid and partly because I like staying informed about my neighborhood and where sirens are going.

However, this morning they have put out two releases about trying to find the mother of a newborn left at a church. I have issues with this. They say the baby was not born in a hospital, which means that the mother is likely scared perhaps young and perhaps not in the best situation. She does not want to be found. At the same time, she did not kill the baby, nor did she flush it down a toilet, throw it in a dumpster, leave it in a gutter, or in the cold woods knowing no one would find it. She put it in a duffel bag filled with towels, wrapped up and left it on a church's steps on a Sunday morning knowing that someone would be by shortly and find it. She knew it would have a safe haven there and that it would be taken care of.

Sure the police may be "concerned about her health" but I doubt it, I think they just want to know who it was and possibly punish her for her actions. If she has problems she'll go to the hospital and questions will be asked then, otherwise it is my opinion that she did great and without knowing her situation I think it unwise for anyone to delve deeper into it. The more we as a collective people stay out of situations like this, the more likely young and/or terrified girls will make sure to place their babies where they will be taken care of instead of killing them and throwing them in dumpsters.

Yes, she could have gone to a hospital or a firehouse, however keep in mind that she may not be of driving age. She may be from an abusive, controlling situation where a short walk is all she could manage. It's quite possible that she lives near that church and it was the best thing she could think of to do. Thanks to that thinking, her son will get a good home and is in good health. So, police, please leave her alone and spend your time doing something that helps.


Laurie said...

Agreed. Leave it alone.

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