Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 QuickTakes Fridays Vol. 2

1) Last weekend wedding wise we accomplished getting the bulk of the invites sent out, buying our wedding bands, and filling out the info for tuxes so the group can go to their respective Men's Warehouses and get measured now. Interesting side note regarding the ring situation- my ring was Bill's mother, grandmother and great grandmother's ring and we had always planned to reset it since I never wear yellow gold. We found out when we went in however that it was actually cut in the mine (before jewelers existed) so it's a crude cut that isn't done anymore. We have to leave it as is. It's off with the band getting re sized to my child sized hands so I am single for 2 weeks! ;-)

2) The training sessions are going well and have completely proved my point that I clearly wasn't making myself work hard enough. I'm not as weak as I'd like to think sometimes. In a week I've lost 4% body fat gone down from 35.4 to 31% (Bill says that's impossible and one week I must have been mismeasured so take the numbers with a grain of salt but clearly I've lost something). I hurt almost all the time though, but I suppose that's good.

3) I have decided that if I can get down to a size 8, I will celebrate by going out and buying new clothes. I hate most of what I have but it's comfortable for me by providing tent like coverage over the belly I dislike so much. I'll probably pack them away instead of getting rid of them though because I begrudgingly admit that they would completely work as maternity clothes (and thus everyone thinking I'm pregnant all the time). No point in buying specialty clothes when you have stuff that works just as well.

4) We met with Calla our wedding planner last night, and I feel better that we have things under control. It's so easy to feel like you are behind and have so much to do, but having someone say no you are doing really well is helpful. Disclosure: the sole reason we have a wedding planner is because our reception venue is a working museum thus we can't get in to set up the bottom floor until 6pm. The wedding ceremony starts at 5:30pm. Do you see the problem? It was either hiring someone or asking a parent to miss the ceremony which did not appeal to us.

5) Sometimes I get the feeling that people are annoyed with me because I'm so opinionated about certain things and wish that I'd keep it to myself more often. I don't quite know how I feel about that. On one hand, it may come across as judgemental which I try really hard to not be but on the other is it really preferable to seem like you have no opinions on anything?

6) My mom's church has asked her to be the visiting teacher of a woman who is dying of cancer. I have to wonder if the leaders of the church have actually met my mom and still think this is a good idea... because, well, my mother isn't really a very nurturing person. Quite the opposite really. If I had to think of something my mom would be good at it would be if you needed someone to administer tough love to someone she'd be good to tap in for the job. "Buck up, get over yourself and stop crying! Crying is for the weak!" She's currently waiting for the bishop's wife to get home from vacation to tell them that she just cannot do this job. At the very least, she knows her own limitations.

7) I have a busy weekend ahead of me, Ariella is coming into town and we're spending some time with her. My goals for next week are to get to work at 7:45am every morning and to get back on track with cooking meals. I don't want us to fall back into the habit of fast food eating.


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