Friday, February 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 11

1. I feel I should apologize for neglecting this site. We were slammed by tons and tons of snow and then the house was hit with the stomach flu. Topped off by an uber busy week at work.

2. I'm starting to realize that I think I underestimated how wonderful my old boring job was. Yes, I could do it with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back, and yes an accurate statement would be that a trained monkey could do that job however I had zero stress. I would go home and not think about my job until the next day, it was almost always solely 40 hours a week. Very little responsibility for anything fell on me and I had plenty of time to do all the other things I'm far more interested in then work. None of the above are true with my job now.

3. This past week has also led to the conclusion that I need to come up with a new schedule. As someone who is not keen on spending hours upon hours in my office building, I need to concentrate this weekend on getting our home office usable so I can work as much as I need to at nights and on the weekends. My current method of working on the coffee table is just not working, too many distractions, plus it's not a comfortable way to sit and work for long periods of time.

4. I think we are finally getting Iphones/Blackberries this weekend! Woot! We keep going back and forth on what we/each are going to get. The benefits are laid out as follows:
Iphone- more user friendly, easier setup
Blackberry- easier to type, more business minded

I have also been looking up all the apps to see what will help me most with my spreadsheet and list obsessions. Anything that takes all those scraps of paper out of folders, purses, etc would be superb.

5. I think I'm going to buy a mail and key holder. For one, I keep losing my keys and two I hate cluttered surfaces and our current mail system of throwing everything on top of a bookcase is driving me nuts. In looking up possible holders, I also found a pretty good looking indoor/outdoor rug that apparently is surprisingly plush but can still be hosed off if need be that may work really well for our basement. Anyone have any mail/key organizers that work well in their houses?

6. Does anyone else live in a house with someone who plays a lot of war themed video games? Is it just me or after awhile does it make you feel like you live in a war zone?

7. I am considering starting a fashion blog for normal people including a daily outfit. You know, people who don't wear mini skirts or mismatched layers of "thrift store" clothes, who have real jobs and budgets so they can't afford to pay $500 for a pair of shoes. Do you think there's any interest in that? If they already exist please point me in that direction since I haven't been able to find any. Or maybe I'll just integrate it in with this blog one or two days a week.

Regular posting will resume next week.

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