Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 13

1. I am a little neurotic. I know some of you who either read this blog constantly and/or know me in real life are like "no... really?" and shaking your heads asking why I would think this was news. I regress, I'm a little neurotic. This manifests itself in different ways such as my thinking constantly that I never work hard enough, am going to get awful evaluations and then fired. As of yet, that has never occurred and in actuality get incredibly good evaluations. This was the year though that my neurosis went off the charts because I've had what you could call a hard year at work (that's putting it mildly). Once again though, I was completely off base and got a great eval.
*sigh of relief*

2. Speaking of neurosis, on Wed night I climbed up onto the dining room table to fully reach the dining room chandelier to dust it. I'm so glad nothing broke (me included). I just didn't trust the jump/swipe method to get it clean enough.

3. I bite my nails. I tend to think that it's a genetic thing because my dad also bit his nails plus I started at a very young age and have never had any other oral fixation symptoms. Never sucked my thumb, hated bottles, etc. I've tried every method under the sun to quit; bad tasting gels, bright nail polish, having a mother pull my hand out of my mouth constantly while growing up, having a husband telling me to stop it in disgust. Nothing works... except for acrylics. Simple reason: I can't bite through them. I wore acrylics constantly for years but then got tired of them and haven't for awhile.

... my past couple of weeks have led me to get them again. Kim's fingernails= stubby, bloody stumps.

TMI? Eh, that's why we read blogs, isn't it?

4. Speaking of bottles, true story: when I was a little over a year I looked directly at my mom, she swears I smiled while doing it, unscrewed the top of the bottle and dumped it on her bed. That was the last time I ever drank out of a bottle and actually a perfect illustration of the type of child I was. Kharma is going to be a biatch.

5. I have become a rather proficient cook but am an awful baker. So bad, in fact, that I once made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that had such a bad spongey texture that my husband wouldn't even eat them. I'm determined to work on this, because it just makes no sense. Why can I do one and not the other? This weekend I'm attempting chocolate souffle cupcakes with white chocolate mint cream for a double bday party thing we are having. Wish me luck, and cross your fingers and toes. I'll need it.

6. Interesting fact about my group of friends. Not one of us has a birthday in our own month. Not even the guys we brought in later because we dated/married them. We have 2 in March, 3 in April, 3 in June and 2 in September. With the bunching issue it makes little sense to celebrate each one individually because
1) we'd be going out every weekend of the month
2) it would get incredibly expensive

so instead we just celebrate once each month and group everyone together trying to do an activity everyone approves of. First on tap-for the two guys of March- dinner and bowling.

And my awesomely good cupcakes! (Banking on the power of positive thinking)

7. I think I'm losing weight. I'm not really actively trying to, and of course that's when it happens. My attendance at Weight Watchers has been spotty so I'm not sure of my exact weight, but my pants aren't fitting anymore in the waist and my belly is getting flatter. I'm not complaining, it's just... odd.

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Angela said...

Good luck with the cupcakes!! Dinner and bowling is my idea of a good birthday celebration, and when you top that off with cupcakes, I'm in heaven!

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