Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Celebrity Edition

I didn't do this week's ToT but there was a question in it about whether or not I've met anyone famous. I've, in fact, met several famous people, and several sort-of-at-the-time famous people. Because it's me, these stories are more amusing then awesome. I decided to use these stories for my 7 Quick Takes this week:

1) Michael Landon (actor; Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven)- When I was a small child my parents and I were in Hawaii for a little bit and there's a couple pictures of me sitting on his lap. Apparently we were living somewhere near where he was and my parents got to know him.

2) Donald Trump- My dad lived(s) in Atlantic City so when I'd go see him it generally involved time spent in and around Trump Plaza. One day I was goofing off as I am apt to do, not paying attention, and ran straight into Donald Trump. Almost knocked him over. He was nice about it though, later I figured out that his kids were right around my age so he was probably used to stupidity.

3) Barry Privett (lead singer of Carbon Leaf)- My college boyfriend turned best guy friend used to give out "bootlegs" of live shows for up and coming bands. The secret is that they weren't really bootlegs, the bands let him hook straight up into the soundboards to record because they realized that he did a great job promoting them while costing them nothing. So we'd go to random concerts in our college area and get in really early for him to hook everything up, at one Carbon Leaf concert Barry Privett sat down and started talking to me since I was just sitting around. I was slightly obsessed with said college boyfriend/friend and I didn't notice how cute Barry actually is so later on I was kinda kicking myself for not paying more attention to him.

4) Bob Dylan- In college I was on the student activities board co-running the broadway musicals and plays we'd bring to campus. I also assisted with the other committees including concerts. For Bob Dylan's concert he brought an entire outdoor kitchen and staff with him (actually rather awesome) and my job was going back and forth to the grocery store all day to get the stuff they all needed. At one point I was sent to get beer and got the wrong bottles. Thus, I will always equate Bob Dylan to the sentence "Long necks, I wanted long necks. These are not long necks."

5) Blues Traveler band members- Also through the previously mentioned student activities board. Alaina's story is better than mine because John Popper talked to her about the dog she was walking (the dog was our head tech's). All I did was take ice to their bus and have them invite me to stay. I turned them down. I think Alaina was there too- were you? I can't remember if it was you or Mandy... not an insult it was just forever ago :-P

During this time I also drove Chrystal Method back to their hotel (I know nothing about the band so I'm not sure how many of them I took or who, but I did not appreciate the sexual shenanigans going on in the backseat with skankwads) and there was some other band that Alaina and I drove back and forth from their hotel in a large van maybe a week after I got my driver's license. Driving that big van was terrifying, the band was really nice. I can't remember who they were now though. Like I said, long time ago.

As for the semi-famous-at-the-time people-

6) Sanjaya! You know, the guy from American Idol who was a terrible singer and stayed on for forever? I used to participate in Vote for the Worst and we loved Sanjaya hands down for the sheer entertainment value. I met him and got him to sign a hairspray bottle. True fact: Sanjaya is the only person I ever met that made me nervous, I think I even stammered. I'm sure he was thinking dear lord this old lady is creepy! What's wrong with her?

7) I know three other people who were on a season of American Idol. My friend Linds knew the first, then I met the others through the first and we all got along really well. I am not listing the names because I learned a long time ago that their fans are no less than insanely crazy. I am not exaggerating when I say that if I wrote down the names, it would come up in some Google Alert and all of them would think I was dating/involved/secretly married to one of them and I'd get hate mail. This post would also end up reposted on all their fan forums (I know this because a picture of my backside once ended up in a fan forum just because I was standing next to one of them and the comments were something like "who is that skank?!?! is he dating HER??!!! why would he, she's ugly!!!" I wish I were kidding.)

True fact 2: I went to a concert with Linds that was unrelated to these people (and like a year after their season) except that one of them happened to attend it. When said friend and I got to the hotel the same crazy fans that followed him around at his concerts (with the American Idols Live Tour) were also staying there and were flat out mean to us. Like barely a level above spitting on us mean. Because they remembered us. Which is also creepy because we just look like ordinary people with no distinguishing characteristics. We didn't know at the time but the concert we went to had overlapping fans with said American Idol boy.

So there you go, my brush with fame. Obviously, living in DC I have also met a few senators/representatives but they are not really famous. Also, my mom worked for the previous prophet of the Mormon Church so I knew him. I didn't even know until I was like 14 that most people don't ever get to meet him until I casually mentioned it at Young Womens and everyone was uber impressed. But since I doubt anyone reading this is Mormon no one cares about that.

Have a great weekend!


Angela said...

Ha, I used to be Mormon! I once went to a conference that the prophet spoke at in Toronto, and when I moved to Calgary and told the girls in my Young Womens group, they were all so jealous.

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